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Background/aim: The vanishing cancer phenomenon was first reported in radical prostatectomy specimens in the absence of neo-adjuvant treatment. Reported cases are mostly well-differentiated and low-volume tumors. A similar entity was described for hysterectomy specimens of patients with biopsy proven endometrial cancer (EC). In this study, we discuss the probable reasons for vanishing EC and long-term follow-up results of EC patients without residual tumors in hysterectomy specimens. Materials and methods: This study was carried at two institutions in Ankara, Turkey, in a retrospective design. The computerized databases of both institutions were searched for endometrioid type EC patients whose final pathological specimens failed to show any residual tumor. Results: We evaluated 38 endometrial biopsy confirmed EC patients with no residual tumor detected in the hysterectomy specimens among a total of 224 women (17%) with the disease confined to the endometrium. During the follow-up period, no recurrences were noted among the patients. Conclusion: It can be suggested that premenopausal women with FIGO grade 1 endometrioid type EC with MRI proven "absent myometrial invasion" would have a significant probability of having no residual tumor after endometrial biopsy without any further medical treatment.


Endometrial cancer, fertility sparing, vanishing cancer, residual tumor, endometrioid type

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