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Background/aim: The purpose of this study was to compare cartilage reinforcement graft results with temporalis fascia graft alone in terms of hearing and anatomical outcomes in tympanoplasty. Materials and methods: Patients who underwent tympanoplasty with/without ossiculoplasty and/or mastoidectomy at a university hospital from 2006 through 2013 were reviewed retrospectively. The patients were divided into those grafted with temporalis muscle fascia alone and with fascia reinforced with cartilage. The postoperative air bone gap, gain in hearing thresholds, and graft status were evaluated for each group. Results: The study subjects included 179 patients. There were 82 patients in the fascia group and 97 patients in the cartilage group. Successful hearing results were elicited in 79.2% of the fascia group and 85.5% of the cartilage group. There was no significant difference in overall graft success. The graft was intact in 82.9% of the fascia group and 86.5% of the cartilage group. Conclusion: In this comparative study the use of cartilage to reinforce the temporalis muscle fascia was analyzed, showing better hearing and anatomical results than sole use of fascia in tympanoplasty both for primary and revision cases. Thus, in the light of our results, when performing tympanoplasty we recommend the use of cartilage reinforcement grafting whenever needed and indicated.


Cartilage, fascia, reinforcement, tympanoplasty

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