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Background/aim: Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease. To reduce side effects associated with current treatment modalities, new treatment methods are required. Some clinicians have begun to use microphototherapy to treat psoriatic patients with a limited number of lesions (lesions affecting <10% of the body surface area). Materials and methods: Microphototherapy is indicated in patients whose lesions persist despite systemic and topical treatment or when such treatment is contraindicated. Our study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of microphototherapy in psoriasis patients with localized lesions. Patients in this unblinded and prospective study were treated three times a week for 50 sessions using a MedLight CupCUBE Grimed microphototherapy device that emits an ultraviolet B (UVB) spectrum. Results: Forty-five lesions in 23 psoriatic patients were treated. Treatment outcome was evaluated based on the Psoriasis Severity Index (PSI). PSI scores decreased significantly during the treatment. Conclusion: The MedLight CupCUBE Grimed microphototherapy device was effective for the treatment of psoriasis patients with localized lesions. The device can administer UVB radiation to involved regions while protecting uninvolved regions and minimizing radiation dose. However, having to be administered by experienced technicians and the long time required for each treatment session are disadvantages of the technique.


Psoriasis, phototherapy, treatment

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