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Background/aim: The DAWN2 (Diabetes Attitudes, Wishes, and Needs) study was conducted in order to ascertain the wishes, needs, and attitudes of diabetes patients, their relatives, and healthcare professionals. The study was conducted across 17 countries, including Turkey, and its objective was to introduce policies that could successfully meet these requirements. In this article, the needs, wishes, and attitudes of diabetes patients and their relatives in Turkey are compared with those from other countries. Materials and methods: Eighty patients with type 1 diabetes, 426 patients with type 2 diabetes, and 126 relatives of patients with diabetes were included in the study. Results: Depression was common in individuals suffering from diabetes and the quality of life was negatively affected. The primary concerns of diabetic individuals were general hypoglycemic attacks, nocturnal hypoglycemia, and gaining weight. Analysis of selfcare activities showed that physical activity, foot care, and frequency of blood glucose measurement were below average in Turkey as compared to other countries. Conclusion: DAWN2 is the first study of its kind. The problems and shortcomings related to diabetes care and management in Turkey are once again revealed with this study, and important data and opportunities to improve them are presented.


Diabetes mellitus, diabetes education, self-care behaviors

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