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Background/aim: This study was undertaken to determine the changes and relationships between some important milk constituents as well as physical, rheological, and biochemical parameters of milk obtained from Serbian breastfeeding mothers. Materials and methods: Physicochemical and biochemical parameters and the concentrations of vitamins, uric acid, and minerals were determined during the three periods of lactation covering colostrum, transitional, and mature milk collected from 67 mothers who had a term-pregnancy. Results: Large interindividual variations regarding many parameters were found between mothers at the same period of lactation, but the average values were mostly in the expected and recommended ranges. For some parameters, our values are quite different in relation to the milk of women from other countries or data reported by other authors. Conclusion: Differences in vitamin and mineral contents and physicochemical and rheological characteristics of milk obtained by Serbian breastfeeding mothers compared to that of mothers from other parts of the world have been found. This paper presents the measured data of some physical parameters of human milk about which there is little information in the literature.


Human milk, vitamins, minerals, surface tension, viscosity

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