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Background/aim: In this study, the aim is to investigate the prevalence of various coronary artery anomalies (CAAs), evaluated by 256-detector row coronary computed tomography (CCT), within the Turkish population. Materials and methods: We included 2973 patients who had received CCT. The high take-off right coronary artery (RCA) and left coronary artery (LCA), the RCA arising from the left sinus (LS), the LCA arising from the right sinus (RS), the circumflex artery (CX) arising from the RS, the single coronary ostium originating from the RS, the CX arising from the RCA, and the RCA arising from the pulmonary artery were evaluated. Results: Seventy-nine patients (2.65%) were diagnosed with CAAs. The frequency of high take-off of the RCA, LCA, and both was 0.1%, 0.67%, and 0.06%, respectively. Frequency of separate ostium of the left anterior descending artery and CX was 0.67%. The frequency of RCA originating from the LS, CX originating from the RS, LCA originating from the RS, LCA and RCA originating from the pulmonary artery, and CX originating from the RCA was 0.50%, 0.10%, 0.23%, 0.03%, and 0.20%, respectively. Conclusion: In this study, CCT was demonstrated to be a high-quality imaging modality for the detection of CAAs.


Coronary artery anomalies, coronary computed tomography, coronary angiography

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