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Background/aim: The aim of this study was to investigate Napsin-A, NTRK-1, NTRK-2, Desmoglein-3, and Desmocollin-3 in the differential diagnosis and prognosis of nonsmall cell lung cancer. Materials and methods: The expression of Napsin-A, NTRK-1, NTRK-2, and Desmoglein-3 was examined by immunohistochemistry in 50 squamous cell carcinomas and 50 adenocarcinomas. Desmocollin-3 was investigated in 29 squamous cell carcinoma and 29 adenocarcinoma cases. Associations between expression profiles of Napsin-A, NTRK-1, NTRK-2, Desmoglein-3, and Desmocollin-3 in lung cancers and clinicopathological variables were analyzed. Results: Napsin-A staining was statistically significant in detecting adenocarcinomas versus squamous cell carcinomas. The sensitivity of Napsin-A for adenocarcinomas was 96% and the specificity was 100%. NTRK-2 and Desmocollin-3 staining were statistically significant in detecting squamous cell carcinomas versus adenocarcinomas. Desmoglein-3, Napsin-A, and NTRK-2 had no effect on survival. Disease-free survival time was significantly shorter in cases that were moderately positive with NTRK-1. Conclusion: Our data suggest that Napsin-A, NTRK-2, and Desmocollin-3 are useful markers in the differentiation of nonsmall cell lung cancer.


Napsin-A, NTRK-1, NTRK-2, Desmoglein-3, Desmocollin-3, lung cancer

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