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Background/aim: This study was conducted to analyze the agreement between International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF) raters and to show its applicability in children with low vision. Materials and methods: Twenty children (mean age: 11.70 ± 1.92 years) were included. To evaluate the independency of the sample, the Northwick Park Activities Daily Living questionnaire was used. The Low Vision Quality of Life Scale was used to evaluate quality of life. An ICF core set was developed to be used in this study. The core set consisted of 13 items for body functions, 3 items for body structures, 36 items for activity and participation, and 12 items for environmental factors. Results: High agreement was found between two raters in terms of subparameters of the ICF core set for activity and participation (r = 0.880, P = 0.000). Conclusion: The findings indicate that the raters showed strong agreement in terms of the ICF core set used in this study. This shows that the core set can be used to evaluate activity and participation of children with low vision.


Low vision, children, disability, activity and participation, core set

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