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Background/aim: This study investigates whether 1-(2-trifluoromethylphenyl)-imidazole (TRIM), originally proposed as a nitric oxide synthase inhibitor and also suggested to be an inhibitor of store-operated calcium entry in mouse anococcygeal muscle, inhibits receptor-independent and -dependent responses in rat thoracic aorta. Materials and methods: Cyclopiazonic acid- and serotonin-induced vascular responses were investigated in aortic segments isolated from male Sprague Dawley rats using isolated tissue experiments. Changes in intracellular calcium levels were also monitored via front surface fluorescence measurements in fura-2-loaded embryonic rat vascular smooth muscle cell line A7r5. Results: TRIM inhibited serotonin-mediated vascular contractions without affecting cyclopiazonic acid-induced responses. In addition, TRIM caused a nonlinear rightward shift in the serotonin concentration-response curve, possibly via serotonin receptor modulation. Conclusion: TRIM may have an impact on investigation of tissue-specific receptor-independent and -dependent vascular responses. It may also be used as a lead compound in the development of selective serotonin receptor modulators.


Concentration-response curve, cyclopiazonic acid, serotonin, store-operated calcium, TRIM

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