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Background/aim: To establish a regional screening protocol for retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). Materials and methods: Data were analyzed from the hospital records of 1241 infants with gestational age (GA) at birth ≤36 weeks and birth weight (BW) of ≤3600 g. Results: The mean GA of the infants was 32.05 ± 2.7 weeks and the mean BW was 1780.5 ± 576 g. ROP at any stage was detected in 703 of the 1241 infants (555 female). Eleven infants with type 1 ROP were treated with 810 nm diode laser photocoagulation. No treatment was needed in infants born after 33 weeks of gestation and weighing over 1760 g. Logistic regression analysis showed a significant relationship between the development of ROP and GA, BW, number of deliveries, respiratory distress syndrome, and treatment with oxygen or mechanical ventilation. Receiver operating characteristic curve analysis showed that a GA of 33 weeks or a BW of 1770 g appears to be an appropriate criterion for identifying infants who may require ROP treatment. Conclusion: GA ≤ 33 weeks and BW ≤ 1770 g can be used as screening criteria in terms of ROP in infants for the Eastern Black Sea region.


Premature birth, neonatal screening, retinopathy of prematurity

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