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Background/aim: The test your memory (TYM) is reported to be a sensitive cognitive function assessment scale for people with dementia. The aim of the present study was to investigate the reliability and validity of an adapted Turkish version of the TYM (TYM-TR) among Turkish dementia patients. Materials and methods: The TYM-TR was given to 59 patients with dementia aged 60+ and 336 normal controls aged 23-75+. The diagnostic utility of the TYM-TR was compared with that of the mini-mental state examination (MMSE) to validate it. Results: The internal consistency of the TYM-TR was α = 0.85. The test-retest reliability was 0.97 (P < 0.001). The TYM-TR showed a statistically significant correlation with MMSE; r (57) = 0.628 P < 0.001. The TYM-TR distinguished dementia patients from controls (AUC = 0.994). A cut-off point of 34 was optimal for detecting dementia with a sensitivity of 96.61% and a specificity of 96.13% [95% CI (0.981-0.999)]. Conclusion: The Turkish version of the TYM was found to have good reliability and validity to distinguish dementia in the Turkish population.


Test your memory-Turkish version, dementia, validity, reliability

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