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Background/aim: A number of genetic variants from different genes have been reported to be related to late-onset Alzheimer disease (LOAD) susceptibility. From these genes, polymorphisms in CLU and TLR2 have been replicated in several studies. In this study we examined the association of rs11136000 in CLU and the TLR2 -196 to -174 del polymorphism with the risk of LOAD in a northwestern Iranian population. Materials and methods: We conducted a case-control study with a dataset of 160 LOAD patients and 163 healthy controls. To examine polymorphisms of CLU and TLR2 in LOAD we used the PCR/RFLP method and genotype frequencies were statistically determined. Results: There was no association between CLU polymorphism and the risk of LOAD, but for deletion in TLR2 we found significant differences between LOAD and the control group (P > 0.001, OR = 0.55). Conclusion: This result suggests that the TLR2 -196 to -174 del polymorphism is an additional risk factor for LOAD. Allelic frequencies of CLU may have no effect on risk of LOAD.


Alzheimer disease, TLR2, CLU, polymorphism, northwestern Iran

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