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Background/aim: Otomycosis, or fungal otitis externa, has typically been described as fungal infection of the external auditory canal, with infrequent complications involving the middle ear. This study assessed a mycological analysis of fungal debris from external auditory canals of patients at Tanta University Hospital, Gharbia Governorate, Egypt. Materials and methods: The samples were collected over a year from the 110 patients that were clinically diagnosed to have otomycosis. The samples were then inoculated and culture plates were examined for the presence of fungal growth. Results: The results showed that Aspergillus niger was the most common fungus causing otomycosis. It was more common among males aged 21-40 years. The incidence was higher in the summer and spring seasons. Manual workers and students had the highest frequency based on occupational incidence. The most common presenting complaint was itching. Trauma to the external auditory canal was the most common predisposing factor. Conclusion: The epidemiological profile of otomycosis infection varied according to different factors in the study population.


Otomycosis, Aspergillus niger, clinical features

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