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To collect data from throughout Turkey in order to facilitate the organization of pediatric intensive care units (PICUs), and to develop short-term immediate action plans and draft long-term strategic plans. Materials and methods: A total of 35 specialists including 17 pediatric critical care (PCC) specialists, 9 PCC fellows in training, and 9 pediatricians working in PICUs evaluated PICUs and their infrastructures, mortality rates, appropriateness of indications for PICU admissions, PICU bed numbers, and utilization of those PICU beds. Results: PICU bed numbers, PCC specialist numbers, and PICU nurse numbers are insufficient in Turkey. The high percentage of inappropriate and inefficient use of current PICU beds is also another problem. Conclusion: In the light of this report, it is obvious that pediatric intensive care services are successful and efficient only in the presence of PCC specialists in PICUs. Studies for improving the infrastructure of PICUs and the training of PCC specialists and other health personnel should be started immediately.


Pediatric intensive care unit, regionalization

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