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Mediastinal lymphadenopathy is common in extrathoracic malignancies and should not always be considered a metastatic lesion. The purpose of this study is to determine the diagnostic value of endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle biopsy (EBUS-TBNA) in patients with extrathoracic malignancies. Materials and methods: This study included 54 consecutive patients with extrathoracic malignancies who had suspected mediastinal metastases and had undergone EBUS-TBNA for diagnosis. Results: Using EBUS-TBNA, 27 of 54 patients (50%) were diagnosed with mediastinal metastases. Among patients with mediastinal metastases, 2 (3.7%) had a sarcoid-like reaction, 5 (9.3%) had tuberculosis, and 17 (31.5%) had reactive lymph nodes. In 3 cases (5.5%), a specific diagnosis could not be determined following EBUS-TBNA. Two patients underwent surgical staging of their mediastinal lymphadenopathy, which allowed the detection of mediastinal metastases in 1 patient and that of reactive lymph nodes in the other. The sensitivity, specificity, negative predictive value, and diagnostic accuracy of EBUS-TBNA for the diagnosis of extrathoracic malignancies were calculated as 93%, 100%, 92.6%, and 96.3%, respectively. Conclusion: EBUS-TBNA is a safe and effective procedure. We should consider whether EBUS-TBNA should be the primary diagnostic tool for the diagnosis of mediastinal lymphadenopathy in patients with extrathoracic malignancies.


EBUS-TBNA, extrathoracic malignancies, mediastinal lymphadenopathy

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