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Evaluation of cardiac structures requires a large study group for accurate data on normal values. The aim of the study was to obtain normal M mode echocardiographic values in a substantial sample of healthy term neonates and children to develop centile charts. Materials and methods: Data were obtained over 2 years from a single center in Turkey, from 1200 healthy infants and children aged 1 day to 17 years. Using echocardiographic investigation, measurements were obtained of the following: left ventricular dimension at end diastole and end systole; thickness of interventricular septum and posterior wall of the left ventricle; aortic and pulmonary root diameter; and left atrial dimension. The influence of systematic errors as statistical noise in this large sample was decreased using third-degree polynomial curves. Results: Measurements are presented graphically as curved lines of centiles with respect to body weight for healthy term neonates and children. The values showed a good correlation with body weight and allowed the construction of percentile curves (5%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 95%). Higher values were observed in boys during adolescence. Conclusion: The presented charts and tables make it possible to judge the echocardiographic measurements of a particular patient as normal or abnormal.


Normal M mode values, echocardiography, reference values, neonates, children

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