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To investigate the variations in the recurrence patterns of stage IB cervical cancer according to lymph node involvement. Materials and methods: We reviewed the medical records of 170 patients who had undergone type III radical hysterectomy and systematic lymphadenectomy from 1993 to 2007. Results: Among the patients in the study group, 115 did not have lymph node metastases, whereas 55 did. A total of 27 patients developed recurrences. Twelve were in the lymph node-negative group, and 15 were in the lymph node-positive group. The recurrence rate was higher in lymph node-positive group (27.3% versus 10.4%, P = 0.011). The recurrence pattern was not affected by lymph node involvement. However, distant recurrence was more common in the lymph node-positive group (53.3% versus 25%, P = 0.137). Additionally, distant failure was observed only in the patients in the lymph node-negative group who received adjuvant radiotherapy. In this group, 3 patients who did not receive adjuvant radiotherapy developed recurrences only in the pelvic region. Conclusion: The presence of lymph node involvement in stage IB cervical cancer does not affect the site of recurrence. However, distant recurrence was more frequent in the lymph node-positive group.


Cervical carcinoma, lymph node metastasis, recurrence

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