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To describe a novel, easy, and secure thoracoscopic surgical approach for esophageal leiomyomas. Materials and methods: We retrospectively analyzed 18 cases in which patients were treated at a single center between 1991 and 2011 for esophageal leiomyoma. We compared our results of patients who were treated by open surgery with those who were treated by the thoracoscopic approach, and we also compared our results with the results of resection of the leiomyoma of the esophagus in the literature. Results: Eighteen patients were studied. Eight patients were treated with 3-port thoracoscopic surgery, 8 with open thoracotomy, 1 with surgical incision, and 1 with esophagectomy. The mean operating time was 167.5 min and 92.5 min in the thoracotomy and thoracoscopy groups, respectively (P = 0.0012). The average hospital stay was 9 days and 6 days for the thoracotomy and thoracoscopy groups, respectively (P = 0.016). Rupture of esophageal mucosa occurred preoperatively once in both groups and was repaired immediately, and postoperative esophageal leak was not seen in any patient. Conclusion: Thoracoscopic enucleation of esophageal leiomyomas is a safe and feasible procedure with decreased hospital stay and operating time. The 3-port technique that we used is a safe and effective procedure, as well.


Esophagus, leiomyoma, minimally invasive surgery, thoracoscopy

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