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Both LigaSure (LS) and Harmonic Scalpel (HS) are new surgical technologies that have been used to secure hemostasis in various fields of surgery. There is little information in the literature about the use of LS and HS in thyroid surgery. The aim of this study was to report our experience with LS and HS in thyroid surgery. Materials and methods: In this nonrandomized retrospective study 326 consecutive patients who underwent primary thyroid surgery were reviewed. HS was used in 136 patients and LS was used in 126 patients. A conventional technique was used in 64 patients. The were 42 male patients (12.9%) and 284 female patients (87.1%); their ages varied between 19 and 72 years (mean 42.8 ± 12.4). Data regarding each patient's demographics, thyroid pathology, operation time, and complications were collected throughout the study. Results: The 3 study groups had similar demographics (age, female/male ratio) and thyroid pathology. Permanent hypocalcemia developed in 2 (1.6%) patients in the patient group operated on through LS, of which 1 was male and the other was female. In the HS group, postoperative hematoma developed in 2 (1.5%) patients. Conclusion: The results of this retrospective clinical study showed that LS and HS thyroidectomy can be a useful and fast alternative for conventional thyroidectomy. The main advantage of these devices is that they simplify the procedure and eliminate the need for clips and suture ligations while achieving efficient hemostasis.


Thyroidectomy, complications, LigaSure, Harmonic Scalpel

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