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'Supernumerary teeth' (ST) is a term used to describe extra teeth in both dentitions than those that we are predisposed to have and considered to be one of the most significant dental anomalies affecting children and adolescents. Diagnosis and management of ST is one of the main responsibilities of dentists and also physicians. The aims of this study were to document the prevalence, characteristics, and associated clinical complications of ST among children and adolescents and to summarize the management and intervention time for ST. Materials and methods: Thirteen deciduous ST in 13 patients and 219 permanent ST in 179 patients aged up to 18 years were included in this study (in total, 192 patients with 232 ST). Results: The general prevalence of ST determined in our study was 1.148% (deciduous ST: 0.077%, permanent ST: 1.07%). Boys (66%) were affected more frequently than girls (34%). Of the permanent ST, 183 (92%) were located in the maxilla and 56.8% were conical. Most of the ST were considered fully developed (134, 67.3%), while 60 (30.2%) had partial root formation with complete crown formation. Conclusion: ST can cause a variety of complications. Early diagnosis of ST facilitates early intervention, minimal complications, and more favorable prognosis.


Supernumerary teeth, mesiodens, complications, intervention time

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