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To evaluate the prevalence, spectrum, and significance of incidental lesions identified on electron beam tomography (EBT) renal angiography performed to investigate renovascular hypertension. Materials and methods: EBT renal angiography images of 148 cases were evaluated in terms of renal artery variations and renal artery stenosis. Extravascular renal findings, abdominal aorta, iliac artery, liver and gallbladder findings, vertebral lesions, and other intraabdominal organ findings were assessed during the examination. Results: No incidental finding was found in 30 cases (20.2%) in total. The most frequent incidental findings were benign ones without any clinical significance. A total of 13 (8.7%) clinically significant findings were identified. Conclusion: When evaluating renal EBT angiography, a detailed review of other systems as well as target organ assessment is of crucial importance as it may affect patient prognosis.

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