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To evaluate the outcomes of pregnancies occurring during lactation. Materials and methods: Sixty-one women who had interpregnancy intervals of 2 years were evaluated. Group 1 included 39 pregnancies of lactating women. Group 2 included 22 pregnancies of women who ceased lactation before conception. The groups were compared for gestational weight gain, birth weight, and obstetric complications. Results: The birth weights of the subsequent pregnancies of the first group were statistically lower than the second group (3086.6 ± 379.2 versus 3386.8 ± 388.1 g, P = 0.006). There was no statistically significant difference in obstetric complications observed between the 2 groups (P = 0.073). In the first group, in the pregnancies without any complications, the mean duration of lactation during the subsequent pregnancy period was 2.1 ± 1.5 months, and it was 2.0 ± 1.2 months in pregnancies with complications (P = 0.985). Conclusion: The mean birth weight of the subsequent pregnancy was lower in pregnancies observed during lactation. There was no difference in obstetric complications between the 2 groups. The duration of lactation is not a determining factor for increased complications in subsequent pregnancies.


Interpregnancy interval, lactation, pregnancy outcome

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