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Because it is a multistep process, in carcinogenesis it is necessary to determine key genes such as cyclin D1, p27, p21, bcl-2, and p53 that are responsible for uncontrolled proliferation and other mechanisms. The aim of this study was to examine the correlation between the anomalous accumulation of these proteins and the prognosis of laryngeal carcinomas. Materials and methods: In our study, cyclin D1, p27, p21, bcl-2, and p53 expressions were analyzed immunohistochemically in laryngeal squamous cell carcinomas, and the findings were compared with conventional prognostic parameters such as patient age, sex, tumor localization and diameter, tumor differentiation, lymph node status, metastatic lymph node diameter, vascular and neural invasion, clinical stage, and survival in 50 patients. Results: Our results showed a statistically significant correlation between the presence of cyclin D1 expression and shorter survival in patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx. Patients with high p27 expression were found to have a higher risk of vascular invasion, and patients with high bcl-2 expression were found to have a higher risk of cervical lymph node metastasis. Conclusion: A negative correlation was found between cyclin D1 and survival, and a positive correlation was found between both p27 and bcl-2 and laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma prognosis.


Larynx, squamous cell carcinoma, cyclin D1, p21, p27, p53, bcl-2

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