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Hydatid cysts are a clinical problem in developing and nondeveloped countries. This study aimed to present lung and liver hydatid cysts that underwent the transdiaphragmatic surgical approach. Materials and methods: The study retrospectively evaluated 50 consecutive patients with lung and liver hydatid cysts who underwent transdiaphragmatic surgical treatment at the authors' clinic between January 1998 and December 2011. Results: Twenty-four (48%) patients were male and 26 (52%) were female. The average age of the patients was 34 ± 21 (3-72). All patients had liver cysts and 37 had lung cysts. Forty-eight of the patients underwent thoracotomies, 1 a laparotomy, and 1 a median sternotomy. Frenotomy was the intervention in 49 liver cases and in the case of 1 lung. Excessive biliary drainage occurred in 2 patients postoperatively; fistula from the drain path placed in a liver cyst was evident in 1 patient and pleural effusion occurred in 1 patient. There was no hospital mortality. The average hospital stay was 9.4 ± 3.8 (3-21) days. Conclusion: The simultaneous transdiaphragmatic approach to lung and liver dome cysts is a safe and effective treatment method.


Hydatid cyst, transdiaphragmatic surgery

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