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Approximately 40 diaphragmatic lipoma cases have been reported in the literature to date. Diaphragmatic lipoma is 2 times more likely to appear on the left rather than the right side. In the present study, diaphragmatic lipoma was evaluated in patients who underwent surgical management in light of the literature data. Materials and methods: This study retrospectively evaluated 5 consecutive diaphragmatic lipoma patients who underwent surgical treatment at the Thoracic Surgery Clinic between January 2003 and April 2012. Results: Of the patients, 3 were female and 2 were male. The average age of the patients was 62.2 years (range: 54-77). All of the cases were symptomatic and the most common symptom was chest pain (3 cases). Diaphragmatic lipomas were located on the right posterolateral side in all cases. The methods of approach were thoracotomy in 4 cases and video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery in 1 case. Postoperative complications and mortality did not occur in any of the cases. The average hospital stay was 5 days (range: 3-7). There were no recurrences during the average follow-up of 21.4 months (range: 2-58). Conclusion: A surgical approach to diaphragmatic lipomas offers histopathological diagnosis, curative treatment, and prevention of malignant transformation.


Diaphragm, lipoma, surgery

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