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Aim: To investigate the effect of prenatal exposure to cigarette smoke (CS) on the conduction of sensory nerve fibers in the adult rat offspring. Materials and methods: Pregnant rats were exposed to CS by inhalation during the gestation period. The saphenous nerve in the adult offspring was exposed in vivo, and the conduction parameters of the threshold, maximum strength of stimulation, conduction velocity, and amplitude of compound action potentials (CAPs) of A\alpha\beta-, A\delta-, and C-fibers were examined. Results: Prenatal exposure to CS induced significant reduction (P < 0.005) in the peak amplitude of CAPs of A\alpha\beta- and A\delta-fibers. The conduction velocity of A\alpha\beta-fibers and C-fibers was significantly (P < 0.025-0.05) increased after prenatal exposure to CS. Conclusion: Prenatal exposure to CS attenuates the conduction of sensory nerve fibers in the rat saphenous nerve.

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