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Aim: Social interaction is an important factor in the physical and mental health of seniors. This study was performed in order to evaluate the effects of depression and life factors on the social networking scores of elderly people. Materials and methods: Tests for the Lubben Social Network Scale (LSNS) and Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) were given to 116 elderly people (>=60 years) in the Çankaya area of Ankara between March and May of 2010. The effects of life factors and GDS scores on LSNS scores were explored. Results: Among the study group, 46.5% of the individuals were male and 53.5% were female. LSNS scores were lower in the group with higher GDS scores. There was a positive correlation between the floor of the building on which the individual lived and LSNS family scores, and there were negative correlations between the number of persons in the household and GDS scores and age in males. In women, relations between GDS scores and LSNS neighborhood and friend scores were statistically more pronounced. Chronic renal failure was the most effective factor on GDS scores. GDS scores were higher among men living below the second floor of their buildings. Conclusion: The use of screening tests, such as the GDS and LSNS, and preventive and therapeutic practices may help in psychosocial services in geriatric healthcare.


Aged, social support, depression

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