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To determine the prevalence of violence-related behaviors on school property and to identify the predictors of youth violence among high school adolescents in Malatya. Materials and methods: Using a cluster sampling method, a cross-sectional descriptive study was carried out involving 1175 students. Backward logistic regression analysis was performed to evaluate the independent association existing between the potential risk factors and violence-related behaviors. Results: Of the students, 24.5% had been in a physical fight, 5.5% were injured and had to be treated by a doctor or nurse, and 4.3% had carried a weapon on school property during the 12 months preceding the survey. Of the students, 4.7% reported that they were a gang member. Conclusion: Male sex, gang membership, exposure to violence, family income, grade, and school type were predictors of violence-related behaviors. Further quantitative studies are recommended to examine the causes of and solutions for violence for students at risk.


School violence, adolescent, prevalence

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