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To investigate the prevalence of atopic syndrome and the associated risk factors among middle school students. Asthma, allergic rhinitis, and eczema have an extensive epidemiologic diversity in various geographic areas. Materials and methods: This cross-sectional study was performed on 1508 students in the city of Tabriz (a northwestern Turkish-populated region of Iran) in 2009. The International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood questionnaire was used to collect data. The collected data was analyzed using SPSS 16. Results: The prevalence of cumulative and periodic wheezing and diagnosed asthma was 3.7%, 2.9%, and 2%, respectively. The diagnosed prevalence of cumulative and periodic allergic rhinitis and hay fever was 17.1%, 16.0%, and 13.6%, respectively. For cumulative and periodic nocturnal rash and eczema, the diagnosed prevalence was 5.4%, 4.7%, and 7.3%, respectively. Asthma symptoms were more prevalent in the western part of the city than in the central and eastern parts, and boys were more likely to have symptoms of rhinitis and eczema than girls. Having pets and a history of hospitalization increased the chance of eczema, and advanced maternal age was correlated with the presence of asthma symptoms. Breastfeeding, household size, and exposure to cigarette smoke did not have any effect on the appearance of atopic diseases. Conclusion: The small difference observed in this study between the prevalence of cumulative and periodic allergic rhinitis could be caused by the sharp recent increase in allergic rhinitis prevalence. An ecological survey in the western part of the city could be valuable in helping to determine the factors contributing to the higher prevalence of asthma there in comparison with the central and eastern parts. Such a survey should examine demographic, environmental, and even ethnic variables in this geographical region and perhaps even in adjacent countries.


Asthma, allergic rhinitis, eczema, students, Tabriz, Iran

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