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Plant-based diet supplements help the prevention and therapy of several kinds of cancer because they contain micronutrients, a class of substances that have been shown to exhibit chemopreventive and chemotherapeutic activities. In the present study the effects and oxidant/antioxidant status of aqueous and ethanol extracts of wheatgrass were tested in human chronic myeloid leukemia CML (K562) cell line. Materials and methods: K562 cell lines were treated with 10% (w/v) concentration of aqueous and ethanol wheatgrass extracts. Cytotoxicity and apoptosis were determined morphologically and by MTT and DNA laddering. MDA level and CAT, SOD, and ADA activities of the cell lines were measured. Results: Both preparations inhibited the growth of leukemia cells in a time-dependent manner. The most apoptotic and antiproliferative effect was seen in the cell line treated with aqueous extract at 48 h (P < 0.001). Increases in MDA level and CAT and SOD activities were observed. Conclusion: Wheatgrass extract has an antioxidant activity, inhibits proliferation of leukemia cells, and induces apoptosis; thus, this finding may represent a novel therapeutic approach for the treatment of CML.


Wheatgrass extract, chronic myeloid leukemia cell line, antiproliferative effects, apoptosis, antioxidant enzyme activity

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