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The normative data for the newborn clitoral length will enable physicians to avoid overdiagnosing or underdiagnosing disorders related to the condition. This study is the first to investigate clitoris length in newborn females in Turkey. Materials and methods: A total of 325 newborns with normal gestational age born by uncomplicated spontaneous vaginal delivery were included in the study. The body weight, body length, head circumference, and clitoral size were measured. Results: A special equation was generated to estimate clitoris length, and clitoral length percentiles were prepared. The 3rd (2.00 mm) and 97th percentile (8.04 mm) values for clitoris length were determined. The best cut-off point for cases where the labia majora covered the clitoris was determined. Conclusion: The equations and the percentile curves presented herein could be used as guides for expected clitoris length. Further studies, including larger measurement numbers, would enable the development of more sensitive equations and percentiles.


Clitoris, newborn, clitoromegaly

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