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To determine the mean total LDL and HDL cholesterol values and trigliseride levels as well as dyslipidemia and the factors that influence the parameters mentioned above in the population living in the province of Tokat located in the Middle Black Sea (Northeastern) region of Turkey. Materials and methods: The study was performed in 58 rural and 12 urban residential areas. The 58 rural regions were selected using a cluster sampling method. A total of 1095 subjects were selected through a random sampling method. Results: The total serum cholesterol level was 186 ± 42 mg/dL with 33.7% of the participants having hypercholesterolemia (>=200 mg/dL). The HDL-cholesterol level was 42 ± 11 mg/dL with 50.9% of the participants having low HDL-cholesterol levels (=130 mg/dl). The Triglyceride level was 142 ± 82 mg/dL with 36.1% of the participants having high triglycerides levels (>=150 mg/dL). The TC/HDL ratio was 4.7 ± 1.4 with 36.3% of the participants having high TC/HDL ratio levels (>=5). Conclusion: In agreement with previous studies, we found Turkish people have low HDL-C levels despite normal or near normal levels of TC and LDL-C.


Dyslipidemia, prevalence, Tokat, Turkey

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