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To determine the psychosocial and demographic factors related to marital adjustment and emotional symptoms in infertile couples according to gender differences. Materials and methods: The study sample, consisting of 60 primary infertile couples, was assessed using the Beck Depression Inventory, State and Trait Anxiety Inventory, and Dyadic Adjustment Scale. The scores derived from men and women were compared according to infertility factor. Multiple regression analysis models were used to explore the linkages between emotional symptoms and marital adjustment. Results: Statistically significant gender differences were noted in affectional expression and sexual satisfaction domains of the Dyadic Adjustment Scale (P < 0.05). Our analyses showed that various aspects of marital adjustment have predictive power on anxiety and depressive symptoms of infertile men, especially when the infertility is due to male factor. Conclusion: Results of this study emphasize the importance of psychological and sexual counseling in the course of infertility treatment.


Marital adjustment, male infertility, anxiety, depression, psychological stress

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