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Aim: Data on antral nodularity in adults are sparse. Although the association of nodular gastritis with Helicobacter pylori infection is well known, its potential as a premalignant lesion and its association with other gastroduodenal diseases are questionable. Materials and methods: The medical records of the patients between 2003 and 2006 were retrospectively reviewed to analyze their demographics, clinical characteristics, and endoscopic and pathological features. Results: Of 9949 adult patients who underwent endoscopy, 185 (1.86%) were diagnosed with nodular gastritis, 167 (90%) of whom had dyspepsia. The presence of Helicobacter pylori was demonstrated in 65.4% (121/185). There were 16 cases (8.7%) of associated peptic ulcer, not more frequent compared to the Helicobacter pylori-positive control group without nodular gastritis and no case of gastric cancer was detected. Lymphoid follicle formation was not more prevalent either. Conclusion: The presence of nodular gastritis does not necessitate a new therapeutic approach in addition to the current measures for Helicobacter pylori infection.


Helicobacter pylori, nodular gastritis

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