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Aim: Previous studies reported the relation of left-handedness with dental and head traumas in normal population. In the present study, we aimed to investigate the relationship between dental traumas, such as non-vitality and fracture, and left-handedness. Materials and methods: Twenty three Turkish international professional boxers were included in the study. Existence of teeth that had trauma and loss of vitality in these boxers were investigated. Results: The mean number of non-vital teeth was higher in left-handers than in right-handers for right-lower, left-upper, left-lower, and total regions, but not for the right-upper region. However, there were no significant differences between right- and left-handers in terms of the mean number of fractured teeth. Besides, left-handed boxers had a higher number of non-vital molar teeth. Conclusion: The higher dental trauma risk in the left-handed boxers compared to the right-handed ones may be due to the biological and environmental differences between them, and may not be associated with boxing.


Dental trauma, handedness, left-handedness, boxing

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