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Aim: In the past the role of biochemical mediators of inflammation in back pain received little attention. The purpose of the present study was to examine the association between serum IL-1 \beta level in patients with low back pain (LBP) and its effect on their functional status. Methods: This cross-sectional study included 88 LBP patients with symptom duration of 6 months or longer and 65 healthy controls. Serum analysis was performed using ELISA. The LBP group completed the Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire and Oswestry Disability Index in order to evaluate their functional status. Results: Mean IL-1 \beta level was significantly higher in the LBP group than in the control group. As the duration of LBP and age increased, IL-1 \beta level also increased significantly. We observed a positive correlation between IL-1 \beta level and Oswestry Disability Index score. Conclusion: Proinflammatory cytokine levels, including IL-l \beta, were elevated in LBP patients, which affected their functional status. Determination of the influence of cytokines in LBP may aid in improving diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for LBP.


Low back pain, interleukin-1 \beta, functional status

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