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Aims: To investigate whether parental obesity influences serum leptin hormone and soluble leptin receptor (Ob-Re) concentrations among obese adults in the Gaza Strip. Materials and methods: A case-control design was used. Sample used was convenient and obtained from 2 largest obesity clinics in the Gaza Strip. It consisted of 83 overweight and obese adults without history of other diseases (case group). Control group consisted of 83 ideal weight adults who were selectively chosen from the same clinics. Self reported structured interviews and serum blood samples were obtained from both groups. Human leptin competitive ELISA kits were used for determination of leptin and Ob-Re concentrations in the blood serum. SPSS system was used to analyze the data. Results: About 69% of the case group was found to have paternal and/or maternal obesity. Moreover, the mean of serum leptin hormone levels for the obese adults with history of obese parents was significantly higher than obese adults without history of obese parents (P = 0.02). No significant correlation was observed between parental obesity and Ob-Re levels among the case group (P = 0.88). Conclusions: Parental obesity plays an important role in obesity and serum leptin level during adulthood.


Parental obesity, leptin, soluble leptin receptor, adult obesity, the Gaza Strip

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