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Aim: The GYS2 gene, which encodes for glycogen synthase 2 (liver) (GS), is an enzyme responsible for the synthesis of 1,4-linked glucose chains in glycogen. The present study aimed to investigate the homology, conserved domain, and promoter and expression profiles of the human GYS2 gene among various vertebrate species using bioinformatic tools. Materials and Methods: We analyzed the homology with NCBI blast, the conserved domain with EBI ClustalW and Mega4, the promoter with Genomatix, and the expression profiles with DigiNorthern software. Results: GS proteins and their conserved domains (Glycogen_-syn) were more conserved in all the organisms investigated. There was 1 fully conserved domain (Glycogen_-syn) and several truncated sub-domains. Comparative screening of the promoters showed that GYS2 genes did not have any common conserved transcription factor binding sites. Conclusions: This study shows that the GS molecules in various species, except Ornithorhynchus anatinus and Danio rerio, were well conserved throughout evolution.


Glycogen synthase, genomics, evolution, promoter, expression

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