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Aim: To evaluate the relationship between serum calprotectin and oxidized low density lipoprotein (LDL) in preeclamptic patients. Additionally, we aimed to measure serum malondialdehyde (MDA) levels as an oxidative stress marker. Materials and Methods: Serum calprotectin, oxidized LDL, and MDA levels were measured in a cross-sectional study of 61 preeclamptic patients (39 severe preeclampsia and 22 mild preeclampsia cases) and 20 healthy pregnant subjects. Serum MDA concentration was measured with spectrophotometric methods, and oxidized LDL and calprotectin were measured via enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA). Results: Serum calprotectin (P < 0.0001 and P = 0.014) and MDA (P = 0.001 and P = 0.028) levels were significantly higher in the severe and mild preeclampsia groups than in the healthy control group. Serum oxidized LDL concentration was slightly higher, but not did reach a statistically significant level, in the severe preeclampsia group than in the healthy pregnant group (P = 0.2). There was a significant negative correlation between the levels of calprotectin and oxidized LDL (r = -0.34, P = 0.006) in the mild and severe preeclampsia groups. The correlation between calprotectin and MDA was not statistically significant (P = 0.08). Conclusions: The findings suggest that increased calprotectin is associated with preeclampsia. Further study is necessary in order to determine whether or not high calprotectin levels prevent oxidation of circulating LDL in preeclampsia cases.


Calprotectin, oxidized LDL, preeclampsia

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