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We present herein a case in which salmonella infected a pre-existing chronic subdural hematoma. A one-year-old male infant was admitted to our hospital with complaints of loss of consciousness, seizure, and left hemiparesis. Irrigation and drainage through two burr-holes were performed to the left frontoparietal region with the diagnosis of chronic subdural hematoma according to CT findings. Operative findings revealed an infected subdural hematoma. Salmonella typhi grew in cultures of the subdural hematoma. According to the result of the culture antibiogram, ciprofloxacin therapy was initiated. Because of continued lethargy six days after the operation, a contrasted MRI was performed. The patient was reoperated with drainage and irrigation according to the MRI result. The antibiotic therapy was changed to a combination of vancomycin and meropenem. The following physical and neurological examinations of the patient were uneventful and the patient was discharged after six weeks of antibiotic therapy. The follow-up CT and neurological examination were normal after six months.


Chronic subdural hematoma, infected subdural hematoma, Salmonella typhi

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