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Inflammatory pseudotumor (IP) is a rare pseudoneoplastic and lymphoproliferative disorder. The etiology of IP is still unclear. A 46-year-old male patient presented with a six-month history of dysphagia and diplophonia. Endoscopic examination of the larynx and hypopharynx revealed a 15 x 20 mm smooth-surfaced mass involving the right side of the hypopharynx. Computerized tomography (CT) scans of the neck showed a mass 3 cm in diameter at the level of the hyoid bone. The mass obliterated the pharyngeal lumen. Pathology after incisional biopsy was consistent with pseudotumor. The mass regressed dramatically after corticosteroid treatment and afterwards the patient underwent surgical treatment. Postoperative course of the patient was uneventful. Follow-up of six months showed no recurrence. We report a very rare case of IP originating in the hypopharynx. To our knowledge, hypopharyngeal IP presenting with dysphagia and diplophonia has not been described in the literature thus far.


Inflammatory pseudotumor, dysphagia, diplophonia, hypopharynx

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