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Aims: The aim of this study was to assess the mental health status of university students and the factors affecting their mental health. Materials and Methods: The universe of the study consisted of a total of 8407 students enrolled as first- or third-year students of a university. The study sample was determined by using the ``sampling size where the population in universe is known´´ formula. The study questionnaire was designed to include questions regarding some sociodemographic characteristics and the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ)-12. Data were analyzed by SPSS 15.0, and binary logistic regression forward selection method was used to determine the variables that could affect GHQ-12 scores. Results: The study population included a total of 3501 students (males, 36.9%). The majority of the students were 21 years and their mean age was 21.3±2.0 years. ``Academic achievement´´ and ``presence of a negative event in the last year´´ were present in all models of analysis. Conclusions: These findings indicate the strong impact of these two factors on the mental health of students. The findings of our study can not be generalized for all university students; however, the study variables can guide other researchers in their studies on the mental health status of students.


University students, mental health, GHQ-12

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