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Aim: To compare the efficacy of oral clomipramine, sertraline and terazosin to placebo in premature ejaculation. Materials and Methods: A total of 90 patients aged from 20 to 58 years were enrolled in this study. Patients were randomized into 4 groups. Group 1 (n: 22) took placebo and served as controls. Group 2 (n: 23) patients took 25 mg clomipramine HCl nightly; Group 3 (n: 20) 50 mg sertraline nightly; and Group 4 (n: 25) 5 mg terazosin nightly. The medications were used for two months. After 8 sexual attempts, the patients' clinical responses were assessed using the patient self-description method. Clinical responses were classified as ``no change´´, ``improvemen´´ and ``under contro´´. Success was described as improvement + under control. Results: Success rates were 36.3% in Group 1, 91.3% in Group 2, 90% in Group 3 and 76% in Group 4. Although the efficacy of each medical treatment was superior to placebo (P = 0.001), no significant difference in efficacy was found between the medical treatment groups (P = 0.537). Conclusions: Clomipramine, sertraline and terazosin are more efficient than placebo. No significant difference was observed in terms of efficacy among these three medical treatments.

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