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Background and Aim: Diagnostic laparoscopy is of great value in the early diagnosis of abdominal tuberculosis and to help improve bed turnover. Diagnostic laparoscopy, however, is subject to all the risks and complications inherent to any invasive procedure. Our aim was to evaluate the role of ultrasonography in the prevention of complications when using diagnostic laparoscopy, and to present its efficacy in the monitoring of response to therapy. Materials and Methods: Nineteen male patients who had ascites with unknown etiology or with suspected abdominal tuberculosis were recruited. In order to analyze the potential role of ultrasonographic mapping as an aid in the prevention of complications when using diagnostic laparoscopy for diagnosis, abdominal ultrasonographic mapping was performed in all patients just 2 h before the operation. Results: Diagnostic laparoscopy findings for each patient supported preoperative suspicions of abdominal tuberculosis and all operations were performed without complications. Conclusion: US-guided mapping of the abdomen allows a safe and accurate diagnostic laparoscopy.


Abdominal tuberculosis, diagnostic laparoscopy, ultrasonography, complication

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