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Aim: In this study we investigated the effectiveness of topically applied sildenafil citrate in increasing graft viability. Methods: The study included 15 rats (5 rats each in control, sham, and study groups). Physiological saline (1 ml) was given to the sham group and sildenafil citrate solution (0.5 mg/kg/day in 1 ml saline) to the study group. One week later the grafts were evaluated by histopathological investigation. Results: The feeding tube in the control and sham groups had totally melted due to xylol. Widespread neutrophil leukocyte infiltration, a thin full-thickness free tubed graft in the periphery, widespread neutrophil and inflammation zones lower down and widespread necrotic foci were present at the site of the tube. However, in the sildenafil group, a widespread foreign body reaction was observed. There was an increase in the granulation tissue. Inflammation, necrosis, and fibroblastic reactions were present. In contrast to the control and sham groups, new vessel formations were seen. Conclusion: It was observed that topical sildenafil citrate application had no effect on the increase in viability of free tubed grafts.


Free tube, full-thickness graft, sildenafil citrate, viability

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