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The purpose of this study was to examine and compare the effects of two different arches, the Connecticut Intrusion Arch (CIA) and the Utility Intrusion Arch (UIA). A total of 20 patients (15 girls and 5 boys) having Class I or Class II malocclusions with deep bite were divided into two groups. Lateral cephalograms were obtained before treatment and after intrusion of upper incisors. Statistical evaluation of lateral cephalograms revealed that upper incisors were intruded and protruded, upper first molars were extruded, and lower incisors were protruded in both groups. Due to the extrusion of the molars, anterior and posterior facial heights increased. It was determined that both of the mechanics were effective on intrusion of anterior teeth.


Intrusion arches; Connecticut intrusion arch; Utility intrusion arch; Incisor intrusion

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