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Anterior openbite (AOB) is a malocclusion considered to be associated with symptoms and signs of temporomandibular disorders (TMD). An accurate, objective and repeatable method is needed in order to clarify the relationship between TMD and anterior openbite. The aim of this study is to examine the functions of the stomatognathic systems of 21 adolescents with AOB by means of electrovibratography (EVG), electrognathography (EMG), electroganthography (EGN), and transcranial and cephalometric radiographs. Nonconcentricity and mild asymmetry of the condyle fossa relationships were observed on transcranial radiographs. EMG results showed that 85% of the subjects had abnormal swallowing patterns and 52% had abnormal clenching patterns. The mean maximum vertical opening was 47.26 mm and mean deflection during opening was 2.15 mm. Some 14% of the subjects had high vibrations for the left joint and 10% for the right joint. Although the subjects did not exhibit clinical symptoms of TMD, they had abnormal patterns of stomatognathic function. This must be taken into consideration during the treatment of AOB malocclusion.


openbite, temporomandibular disorder, electromyography, electrognathography, electrovibratography

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