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Nowadays, modern biopsy techniques such as fine and wide needles are used instead of invasive biopsy techniques for examining malign and benign lesions. This study examines whether wide needle biopsy (Tru-cut) possesses advantages as an alternative method to open biopsy. This study was performed on 40 patients with suspicious intra-jaw lesions. An 18-gauge, three-piece biopsy device was used. All the samples were sent to the tumor pathology unit at the oncology institute for histopathologic and cytopathologic examination. Thirty-seven of the 40 samples were adequate for diagnosis and three inadequate were. When we considered the results of Tru-cut and fine needle biopsy, the diagnostic value increased to 62.5%. In each lesion, the success rate of open biopsy is 92.5%, the success rate of Tru-cut biopsy is 55% and that of fine needle biopsy is 42.5%. According to our results, if we can support the study of this technique with new studies and can improve the specific apparatus for the maxillo-facial region, this can be a good alternative technique for open biopsy applications.


Biopsy, Tru-cut, Fine needle

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