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A total of 259 clinical isolates of non-repetitive non-typhi salmonellae (NTS) were previously examined for their antibiotic resistance patterns and plasmid contents. Multi-drug resistant strains comprised 19.3% (50/259) of the isolates and almost all were Salmonella typhimurium. In the present study, 35 of these multi-drug resistant S. typhimurium isolates were further characterized for colicinogeny, lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and outer membrane protein (OMP) profiles. Fourteen of the 35 (40%) isolates were found to be colicin producers. All isolates showed smooth-type LPS. In 26 of the (74.3%) isolates, OMPs of 30.6 and 34.6 kDa were observed whereas three (8.6%) of them were found to carry only a 30.6 kDa protein and six (17.1%) carried 27.2, 30.6 and 34.6 kDa proteins. There was no direct correlation between the plasmid contents, antibiotic resistance patterns, colicinogeny, LPS and OMP profiles of the isolates.


Salmonella, Colicin production, LPS, OMP, plasmid

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