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The objective of this study was to determine the frequency of anomalous aortic origins of coronary arteries, to classify these anomalies and to define their consequences. Therefore, 5000 coronary artery angiograms were analysed. Twenty-five (0.5%) coronary arteries with anomalous origins were found, and these anomalies were classified in four main groups. Origin of the circumflex artery from the right side was the most frequent anomaly (12 cases). In 8 cases the right coronary artery originated from the left side, in 3 cases the left coronary artery originated from the right side and finally we found 2 left anterior descending arteries originating from the right side. The clinical importance of these anomaly categories was defined and our results were compared and discussed in the light of previous reports.


Coronary arteries, angiography, anomaly

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